The 3 things I wish I knew years ago!

I’ve been around the weight-loss block a few times, which means I went around and round in circles for years. I want to help you to break that cycle, or better still, stop you from starting it at all. Here are the top 3 things I wish I knew YEARS AGO!!

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Perk up your protein

Protein is such a buzz word in the fitness world. It’s one of the 3 macronutrients that you need for a balanced diet (protein, carbohydrates and fat). Including various sources of protein in your diet will help your weight loss goals, mass gaining goals and strength goals. I’m going to focus on weight loss though, because that’s what I work with most of my Clients on.

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Why I read nutrition labels, and you should too

Do you know what you’re eating?

Stay away from the Danger Zones – know your food labels. Nutrition is the hot topic on everyone’s mind and I always get asked about it.  

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ANSWERED: Your most burning questions about losing weight

I love getting asked questions, I love talking about Fitness, nutrition, changing your lifestyle, and I’ll help you any way I can. Someone else who is like that is my friend, Emily, who is also a PT specialising in training Women.

We got together and talked about the top 3 reasons why Women come to us for help with losing weight, and keeping it off.

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Start your day the best way

Are you a morning person or a night owl? Well you can be both if you add 1, 2 or all of these tips into your morning routine. Your morning habits will set the tone for your day, so let’s start you off the best way.

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