How Digital Technologies are Impacting Mental Health

Our relationship with technology has gone from fun to reliance, research has even been conducted to find out if we’re addicted to the internet and our phones. Digital technologies are impacting our mental health, for example, there are increasing warnings and reports that social media can lead to depression, cyberbullying, sleeplessness, feelings of social isolation and anxiety.

Not all tech is equal though, in this blog post I’ll share 3 great ways digital technologies can improve our mental health.

1. Online support when you need it

You can use online platforms and apps to manage your symptoms before you seek professional help. They can also be a supplement to therapy, if you’re not able to get as many sessions as you would like.

Online platforms give you more control over your treatment. You can access support whenever you need it, which means less time off from work, study or enjoying life.

There’s a platform/app for most mental health illnesses, though we encourage you to do your research before using one:

  • read reviews
  • find out who is selling the app e.g. university, hospital, association – ensure they’re credible and the data you put in is secure.

Some recommendations to try are:

  • Headspace – learn to meditate and live mindfully
  • Calm – relax, meditate & sleep
  • Pacifica – for stress, anxiety and depression. Based on cognitive behavioral therapy & mindfulness meditation.
  • Happify – reduce stress, overcome negative thoughts, and build greater resilience. Use science-based activityes and games to elevate happiness.

2. Exercise makes you feel good

Physical exercise is good for your body and it’s great for your mind too. Digital technologies such as YouTube and fitness apps have made exercise more accessible. With thousands of free workout videos on YouTube, you can work out anytime, anywhere, on your own or with friends.  

Try one of my Total Body Workouts – there’s lots of variety to keep you entertained. 

3. Face-to-face connection

We can talk to our friends and family by voice call, video call, group chats, sharing pictures – yet nothing feels as good as when we give them a hug or have a chat in person. For times when they’re not around, you can find new people to share experiences with.

Here are some apps designed to bring people together:

  • GirlCrew – for women to make new friends. Not keen on going to a concert solo? Find a GirlCrew.
  • Meet up – brings people together to create thriving communities.
  • We3 – meet amazing new friends. Private, free, & in groups of 3.

Maybe you need a Digital Detox?

While I’ve talked about ways tech can improve your mental health, it’s important to use tech as a supplement and not something to become reliant on. Having a digital detox every few months will help to recharge your batteries. Here are some ideas:

  • Delete social media apps for 1 week
  • Delete work email account off your personal phone
  • If you have a separate work phone, leave this at home on weekends and going on holiday
  • Have a tech-free night in your house, once a week
  • Set a cut-off time each night before bed, at least 1 hour before bed could work wonders on the quality of your sleep too

Articles for further reading:

Comment below how you found the apps, or let me know of your favourite ones that you use regularly.

Lucy x

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  1. July 23, 2018 / 6:41 pm

    Hello Lucy, I loved this post! Lately I’ve been trying to clear my life of clutter, and have deleted pretty much all of the apps on my phone and am looking to replace them with useful versions. Your recommendations all look really good, I have been wanting to try Headspace for awhile now. Some of my favorite apps are Evernote for recording notes, and also Stylebook is a great one for fashion choices.

    Have a good one!


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