Anytime Fitness Workout App: Hardcore Shoulder Workout

Shoulders are my favourite body part to train, though just like you I can get stuck in a rut and do the same exercises, so I thought I’d check the Anytime Fitness Workouts app for inspiration and found ‘Hardcore Shoulders’ in the strength section. I jumped straight into it and wanted to share the workout with you. Here’s a Hardcore Shoulder Workout.

Getting to know your Shoulder muscles

The muscles in your shoulders, commonly referred to as “delts”, are actually called deltoids (a longer name for delts). “Though one muscle, the delt has three parts, called heads, based on where the muscle fibers originate: the anterior, the middle or lateral, and the posterior.”(1)

The anterior is the front, lateral is the middle, and posterior is the back, they are commonly referred to as front, side and rear deltoids. Other muscles involved in the shoulders functions are the rotator cuff muscles.

While your front delts used in Chest exercises, and your rear delts are used in Back exercises, you could argue that you only need to train your lateral delts. Though I can never resist a session totally dedicated to my delts! 

Shoulder Press & Lateral Raises are the most commonly performed shoulder exercises, which means the rear delts are often forgotten about. Make sure you have balance.

The workout

Reps: 12

Sets: 3 per exercise

Load: Challenging

Rest: 60 secs between each set

  1. Overhead Press
  2. Crossbody Raise
  3. Recip Overhead Press
  4. Internal Rotation
  5. Upright Row
  6. Scaption
  7. Rear Delt Row
  8. Shrug

Watch the video for the exercises:

The verdict

I enjoyed having the workout already planned for me, using a variety of equipment and working the muscle group with a balanced approach.

12 reps is different for me as I mostly work in the 8-10 rep range. The change was good, and because it was only 2 reps more than I’m used to, I practiced ‘progressive overload’ by using the same weight I normally would for 10 reps, yet added 2 more each set to hit the 12 reps. It’s still in the hypertrophy rep range of 8 – 12, (hypertrophy means muscle growth), and that’s nearly always my goal in every session.

I would normally work with a 45 sec rest period between sets (when doing 10 reps), so the extra 15 secs was appreciated, as my shoulders were feeling challenged.

I thought the workout was great, I really enjoyed it and will be using the app again because it was convenient and provided lots of choice.

Getting the app

The app is exclusively for Anytime Fitness members, so if you’re a member you can download the app and get started straight away! Anytime Workouts gives users access to longer term fitness plans and over 1,000 individual workouts. Every day, you can access a new workout designed by Anytime Fitness, create a workout on your own, and even save your favorites, share a workout with someone else, and pull them up on your Apple watch while you’re completing them.


I hope you enjoy this workout!

Lucy x

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