What Body Type Am I?

What Body Type Am I? Fiona Tye, of A Beautiful Body Shape, has found that by sticking to the 5 basic types of body shapes for women, makes it is a little easier to identify where you fit in.

What Body Type Am I?

It really isn’t difficult to answer the question, ‘What Body Type Am I?’, so don’t look at it as a frightening chore, look at it as a way to find what is really going to suit you the best when it comes to choosing clothing styles for your body shape.  Once you know your body shape or body type it makes shopping for clothes so much easier!

What Body Type Am I? The Quick Look Guide!

Stand in front of a mirror & look at the images of the 5 body shapes below. Can you see yourself in any of them? Do you feel one body shape is more representative of your body shape than the others? Read my brief descriptions below the image.  You will identify with one body shape more than the others.

The one main characteristic you need to identify on your body shape to put you in that body shape category is listed down below.  It is the easiest way to identify What Body Type Am I.  When you look at the characteristics of each body shape, be honest in your evaluation.  Because there are no negatives in any of the body shapes, it comes down to how you dress your shape to achieve your most confident and beautiful look!

  • The Apple Body Shape is defined by the bust and waist being wider than the hips with awesome legs.  This is what characterises you as an apple shape!
  • The Pear Body Shape is defined by having a wider butt & hips than her bust and shoulders with a slim, shapely waist. Your shoulders are narrower than your hips; your hips are the prominent part of your body shape. This is the giveaway on every pear body shape.
  • The Ruler Body Shape is straight up and down with little definition between the bust, waist and hips with slim arms & legs.  The key to this body shape is the lack of curve in her waist, this is the one main characteristic you need to look for.  Your waist is only slightly smaller than your hips or it could be the same width as your hips.
  • The Hourglass Body Shape has a bust & hips that are identical or almost identical in size with a well defined waist.  And, I do mean well defined waist.  I’ve seen so many women who think that they are an hourglass, but they are a ruler or a straight body shape instead.  You must have a clear, defined waist which is considerable smaller than your hips and bust.  It is the clear defined waist that defines you as an hourglass!
  • The Inverted Triangle Body Shape has a bust and shoulders that is wider than her hips with great slim legs.  Your shoulders will be the widest part of your body shape. You might feel that your shoulders are quite wide & this may make you feel uncomfortable.  It is the shoulders that you need to compare to your hips – this is the key to identifying your shape!

The Best Fashion Tip I can Give You Is This, “You need to embrace your shape!”

Fiona Tye, A Beautiful Body Shape

A big thank you to Fiona for sharing this. You can find out about how to dress for yor shape by reading more of her blog posts here.


Lucy x


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