Fitness Show 2017 – my favourite bits

I was lucky enough to get a VIP preview to the Fitness Show yesterday morning and I want to share with you my best 5 bits. So if you’re in Sydney and haven’t been yet, make sure you pop along to Darling Harbour today OR the Fitness Show will be heading to Melbourne and Brisbane in October (if you can’t find my top 5 in October I’m sure you’ll find your own).

5. Simply Breakfast

Breakfast – the most important meal of the day. How do you expect to function without fuel? Your car wouldn’t run without petrol, right?! So feed yourself girl!

You don’t have time to make something nutritious you say? Simply Breakfast have got your back, they’re Australia’s first online breakfast delivery service. I think hot breakfasts are one of the most time sensitive meals to prepare because the food goes cold so quickly and who would even dream of trying to transport scrambed eggs to work? Simply Breakfast took that problem and spent days, weeks, months solving it for us – they’ll make the eggs and deliver them straight to you as fresh as the minute they made them! 

I tried some of their magic mango yoghurt and house toasted museli, which was delicious! If you’re interested in ordering brekie to your door, take a look at their menu. They currently deliver to most suburbs in Greater Sydney and Central Coast, NSW.

4. Twerking!

At 8am we had a twerking lesson from Suzie Q Pole Studio. Amber took us through some twerking basics and even taught us a move called Channing Tatum (which I knew what it was as soon as she said that, it’s from his performance to Pony in Magic Mike – not that I know that film scene by scene, ha ha).

Everyone got involved, all the ladies and some of the guys too. Hats off to them! Now I don’t think Twerking classes are available to do at the Fitness Show normally, we got a special class, but if you EVER get the chance to do it – go for it! Set that booty free!

3. Cryotherapy

In case you haven’t heard of this, I’ll let the experts explain from Cryo Australia. “Cryotherapy treatments expose your entire body to low temperatures, activating an adrenalin and endorphin boost. This non-invasive, hyper-cooling treatment works to improve skin tone, reduce signs of ageing and inflammation, manage pain, enhance athletic performance, mitigate depression and much more.”

Previously it was used to assist with recovery for Alite Athletes, but it’s come into the mainstream now for a variety of treatments.

I jumped in the capsule and over the course of 2 minutes the temperature dropped to -190 degrees celsius. I had fluffy socks on and thermal gloves, and as you can see my head was poking out of the top. I breathed in through my nose and out through my mouth, I wasn’t told to do that I just did it instinctively because I knew I needed to control my breathing and thought concentrating on that instead of the cold would help. It did!

I faced away from the crowd around the stand at first, then I turned to look at the screen with the time and temperature on and as it was getting colder and time was getting on I was facing out at everyone. As it got to the last 30 seconds my skin was definately tinging, almost a burning sensation but I wanted to stick it out until they gave me the dressing gown to get covered up before stepping out in public. I warmed up pretty quickly after, I would definately have another treatment, I felt great and so fresh!! Go and see them to try it out. They’re in the education/industry zone.

2. Hip Hop Yoga with Lola Berry

You might know Lola Berry for her recipe books and nutritionist expertise, I certainly did, so I was pleasantly surprised to find out she is also a yoga teacher. It’s hard to put into pictures how Hip Hop Yoga is different to normal yoga – because it looks the same. The vibe, however, is totally different. It’s been a couple of years since I’ve practised yoga, so I was looking forward to doing it again. 

Lola took us through a sequence of movements + poses, which flowed in a sequence. Now I heard the word Vinyasa a few times so I’m going to assume we did Vinyasa Yoga, which is a type of yoga that links movement and breath to attain balance in the mind and body. That seems to fit.

There were poses I had done before so the familiarity was a bonus, and so were the tunes! A really great combination of movement & music. I plan on trying to recreate it at home. 

1. Cooking class with Scott Gooding

This was my first introduction to Scott Gooding, he’s a passionate cook, health-coach and PT since 2005.  In 2013 he made the semi-finals of channel 7’s My Kitchen Rules, which allowed him to share his version of healthy food. 

This is my number 1 because I’ve never seen a cooking demonstration by a professional before and in 15 minutes Scott showed us how to make a Salmon Poke Bowl AND our own butter! I was very impressed. I recommend checking the timetable of demonstrations and going along to something at the Fitness Show.

There were about 20 of us, so a small group, and instead of him being up on the stage and us sitting down on the chairs in the audience he invited us right up on the platform so we were literally around him as he chopped, cooked & mixed while talking away with us like you do when you have friends over. It was great. 

I’m trying to find the recipe online to share with you, and make myself, but I can’t find it just yet. Instead his website Scott Gooding Project offers lots of other healthy recipes for you to try. Have a look.

The Fitness Show is so big, and full of so many things to see and try just walking around will blow your mind – and hopefully inspire you to lead a more active and healthy life. However, to get the best out of any show or expo I’ve realised that getting involved is key. Take part in classes, go to demonstrations and talks. Find out what’s going on at what time and set yourself an agenda because you get access to people who you normally only follow on social media or see on TV so it’s worth it.

Have a great time and if you don’t make it to show I hope you check out the people above online.

Comment below to let me know what your favourites were.

A big thank you to Square One PR and Fitness Show for inviting me along to the VIP preview. This is not a paid or sponsored post by any of the people featured in this post.

Lucy x


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