Interview: Cinzia Cozzolino, Nutritionist + Creator of The Smoothie Bombs

For the people who aren’t familiar with you (or just want to know more), tell us a bit about yourself?

I’m a nutritionist, single mother of two and creator of The Smoothie Bombs. I created The Smoothie Bombs in 2011 at my kitchen bench. The concept came about when my youngest daughter, Lana, stopped eating breakfast in high school. I was determined to find a way to make a nutritious breakfast more convenient. She wouldn’t eat cereal or toast, but she would drink something. So I would make up these concoctions (these balls made of nuts, seeds, dried fruit and powders) for her to make a smoothie with. I’d put them on the bench with fruit and liquid for her to blend up. It was like a chocolate milkshake to her.


Why do you think smoothies are so popular?

They’re convenient, they pack a good nutrition-punch if you make them correctly and best of all they taste great!

What’s your favourite smoothie recipe right now?

I’m loving The Warrior Peanut Butter flavour with mango, passionfruit and rice milk at the moment! I always have new favourites. Every day we make and post recipes on our Facebook, Instagram and website.


What does your morning routine look like?

I’d like to say I spend the first fifteen minutes in bed meditating, but that rarely happens. More often than not, the first thing I check in the morning is our Instagram account. I’m one of those people that wakes up starving so as soon as I get up I work out what smoothie I feel like. Then I look at my emails and get the day started for work.


What do you always have in your kitchen?

A variety of fruit and liquids like coconut water, coconut milk, almond milk and rice milk. We have at least 2 smoothies a day so need to be stocked up on all the essentials.

Lana and Cinzia doing what they do best, making an awesome smoothie!

How important is clean, nutrient rich food in yours and your daughter’s diets?

Super important. As a nutritionist I get it, but also as a mum. I want the best food for my kids so they have the energy to go out there and do their thing. We’ve always eaten like this. In fact my daughters didn’t even know what white bread was until they started school and saw the other kids with it.


As your parting gift to us, what is your favourite health tip?

Find time for sleep and good nutrition. We need to be able to restore and be nourished in order to be productive and to live a happy life.

Want to know more?

What is a Smoothie Bomb? 

A Smoothie Bomb is a certified organic, pre-portioned booster for your smoothie. 

What’s in a Smoothie Bomb?

There are 10 natural ingredients in each flavour, such as nutrition-rich powders, nuts and seeds and dried fruit. They have been designed by a nutritionist to give to you the perfect dose of all the good stuff in your smoothie.

How do I use a Smoothie Bomb?

1. Crumble 1 Bomb into your blender

2. Add 1 piece of fruit and 250ml of liquid

3. Blend for 30 seconds or until smooth 


Cinzia’s fabulously tasty and super convenient Smoothie Bombs boosters are available in five delicious flavours. They can be purchased online from the Smoothie Bombs website, in trusted health food stores and will soon be available at Chemist Warehouse outlets Australia-wide. Each iconic Smoothie Bombs tube makes 5 smoothies, priced at an affordable $12.95 per tube.


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