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My nutrition has changed dramatically over the past 3 years, and I’m in a new phase now, wanting to branch out and learn new recipes. I’ve gone from a terrible diet, to being squeaky clean prepping for Bikini Competitions, to being a bit lost with my food when I’m ‘off season’ and now I’m feeling more relaxed with my food and embracing flexible eating. So now is the perfect time to give HelloFresh a go, I ordered one of their Classic Boxes for 2 people, and I had 3 new recipes to try.

Hello who?

HelloFresh offers seasonal, local and farm-fresh ingredients delivered to your door with simple recipes for quick and delicious weeknight dinners, and all the ingredients are portioned out for you. They’ve taken all the thinking out of the process for you, bringing the fun back into cooking at home.

HelloFresh is currently active in the USA, UK, Germany, the Netherlands, Belgium, Australia, Austria, Switzerland and Canada, so if you’re if any of those countries I highly recommend ordering a box.

I had 3 recipes to make in my HelloFresh box, which were…

From meal prep to meal mmm

Anyone who has followed me for a while knows that I practice meal prep. Twice a week I do batch cooking and basically microwave my meals for the rest of the week to reheat what I cooked on Sunday or Wednesday night. This method gives my Mother a heart attack 🙂 It’s totally safe Mum! But I’ll admit it’s like eating cardboard sometimes. I’m not the only one eats the same thing week in, week out either.

Two thirds of Australians (68%) have 10 or less recipes in their repertoire (1). OK phew, I feel more normal now. Former Masterchef contestant Tom Rutledge, who launched the company in Australia in 2012, said the study was commissioned as part of the company’s new campaign to explore Australian dinnertime and encourage households to cook and eat together. 

We want to cook, yes really, we do

“The desire to cook meals from scratch is there, almost three in four of us (74 percent) are likely to prepare five or more dinners at home. It’s the planning, shopping and trying to please everyone that is tripping many of us up.”

Half of Australian parents (52%) suggest that their children are the most difficult people to cook for.

The ready to cook meal kits are the perfect solution to bring variety and enjoyment to dinnertime. Even though we both work and have got used to just microwaving our meal prep meals in the tupperware (boring!) we both embraced cooking new recipes together in the kitchen and made a lot of “mmmmm” noises when we sat down to eat them at the table afterwards. A real sense of achievement and something we’re keen to do again. 

“There are physical and emotional benefits of sitting around a table, discussing the day; food can bring people together. We understand it’s important that cooking remains recreational and restorative, even in the busiest weeks,” Rutledge said.

Sitting down to eat a meal at the table will help with weight management too. “If you are worried about your weight, paying more attention to what you eat, not less, could help keep you from overeating. Multitasking – like eating while watching television or working – and distracted or hurried eating can prompt you to eat more. Slowing down and savouring your food can help you control your intake.” (2)


HelloFresh offers healthy, convenient meals and adds variety to what I would normally eat during the week. Their ingredients are sourced locally and delivered in the right quantity, so there was no wastage. I’ll definately be ordering another box soon!

I dare you to add some new recipes to your repetoire too, even some from @hellofreshau. You can get $15 off your first box, just click here.


Enjoy, Lucy x



Sources: 1. HelloFresh ‘Australia’s Cooking Landscape’ 2017 2. http://www.health.harvard.edu/blog/distracted-eating-may-add-to-weight-gain-201303296037

This review was independently written and the thoughts expressed are my own.


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