The 3 things I wish I knew years ago!

I’ve been around the weight-loss block a few times, which means I went around and round in circles for years. I want to help you to break that cycle, or better still, stop you from starting it at all. Here are the top 3 things I wish I knew YEARS AGO!!

Hmm I’ve still not mastered the art of getting up gracefully after a set of Push-Ups!

 1)     You can’t out-train a bad diet

You’re starting a new weight loss drive and you’ve worked out an exercise plan; working out 3 times a week, for example. You still go out every weekend to enjoy yourself, eat out a couple of times a week, get take-away…nothing much has changed other than your new exercise routine. Reality check: this does not work!

Doing the exercise is the EASY part. It’s changing your nutrition and lifestyle that’s the hard part. Your workout might be 1 hour in your day, you can sweat as much as you like and work harder than an Olympic athlete, yet if the other 23 hours (OK less because I’m hoping you don’t eat in your sleep) are spent eating and drinking what you like because you ‘deserve it after your workout’ then you’re not going to see any changes in your body composition.

Exercise + Healthy Diet = Results. 

The diet is actually what gets the results, don’t look at that equation and think it’s 50/50. It’s more like 20/80 in favour of your nutrition.


2)     You need to work at it every single day

Hands up if you have ever lost weight for an event, a Wedding or a holiday perhaps, and as soon as it’s over you’re back to square 1 (or worse). Maintaining your ideal weight requires energy and effort, can you imagine taking your foot off the accelerator when you’re trying to drive up a hill?

Consistency is crucial – you can’t put the effort in once and then expect it to stay, so you need to find something you enjoy and can see yourself doing for a long time. I’m not saying you have to workout every day, though being active in some way everyday is good for your metabolism and your heart, it’s more about your about your eating habits.

Day in, day out, making the right choices.

Even after 2 weeks out of my normal lifestyle I will see some weight creep on, and I’ll feel different too. I work on maintenance every single day.

Below: Maintenance…with some strict goals in the middle for my bikini competitions.

Left to right: Oct 2013, Mar 2014, Oct 2014, Jan 2015, Apr 2015, July 2015, Sept 2015, Apr 2016

3)     What works for them, might not work for you

Weight loss is not all about ‘calories in vs calories out’ there are so many factors at play here. There are differences in how the Male and Female bodies burn calories and lose weight, so we know gender is a factor, yet even comparing Female to Female there are factors which affect the weight loss results we achieve.

These differences can include:

*our genetic make-up; some body types naturally carry more lean muscle than fat (body shape & genes)

*metabolisms – how our bodies metabolise the energy we consume


*training ability

*training experience

*dietary intolerances

*hormone levels

Those are a few to show how you and your best friend could embark on the same eating plan and workout plan, yet achieve very different results. So here’s an idea…compete with yourself. Stop looking at what everyone is doing on social media (remember it’s some peoples full-time profession to look that good), find a plan that works for you, that you can stick to with your lifestyle, and that you enjoy. If you get results and can keep it up as a way of a life then you have hit the jackpot!

It’s You vs You.

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Lucy x

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