Lean legs

The holidays are coming and you’re likely to be in high demand with family & friends. Time & space could be limited so how about this Lean Legs bedroom workout? 



You could do this with weights (dumbbells or cans of tomatoes) or just bodyweight.

1.     10 x Forward Lunges each leg

2.     10 x Lunge Front Kick each leg

3.     1 minute x Skipping (either with a skipping rope, or you can mime)

4.     10 x Kneeling Squats

5.     10 x Sumo Squats

6.     1 minute x Running on the spot

Repeat this circuit 4 times with 45 secs rest in between each one.

If you would to know what some of these moves are – check out my Lunge variations video here:

Happy Holidays!

Lucy x

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