Never do these 3 things in bed again!

Your bed should be a place of relaxation and happiness. If like me, you make a big sigh when you lie down at night then I can safely assume you love your bed, and you relish that feeling of lying down for a full night’s sleep. There will be times of upheaval in your life when your mind can’t switch off, you’ll toss & turn with no joy, but for the rest of the time let’s make sure you’re sleeping like a Princess in a Disney movie – with perfect hair & no drool 😉

  1. Don’t work in bed

If you’re finishing off a presentation or a Uni assignment, and are feeling sleepy, then writing the last few words in bed before you drop off may seem like a good idea. The same goes for checking emails on your phone or tablet in bed – just one last check. However, this is how you will blur the line between work mode and sleep mode. Soon your brain could re-program itself to think of the bedroom as a place of work, and hence is no longer a safe haven to retreat to for sleep.

  • You need to have a clear division between work and sleep. 
  • Following a nightly pre-sleep routine can help your brain to associate your bedroom with sleeping.
  • Once you’ve trained your mind to recognise it’s time to slow down, you may find falling asleep much easier.


  1. Have an Argument

Before I moved in with my boyfriend earlier this year, someone very wise gave me a piece of advice ‘Don’t go to sleep angry’.

You don’t want to fill your bed and bedroom with negative energy before you both go to sleep. If you do happen to start having an argument in the bedroom, make a conscious effort to try and move it to another room and try to patch things up or call a truce before bedtime. After an argument, you’ll be feeling tense and flustered, and probably playing it over and over in your head, which means it will take you longer to fall asleep.

  • Practice keeping your cool in the evenings.
  • Remind yourself that now is not the best time to act on it.
  • Sleep it off and then talk it through the next day.


  1. Sleep with your pets

You love your pets, and it can be comforting for both parties to sleep in the same bed, however, pets have a different body clock – it’s not like they have to be up for work right? If you have a large breed of dog, their movements can disrupt you during the night. If you have a cat, granted they’re smaller, but can be just as disruptive with their attempts to wake you up for playtime (I hear about this regularly from my friend at work – who has the scratches to show me!)

  • If you’re noticing your sleeping habits are being affected then you should take action and train them to stay out of the bedroom at night, after all, these disruptions can make a long-term impact on your health & wellbeing.

I hope these tips help, Lucy x


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