Don’t go it alone, grab a friend and workout

Partner Workout Circuits

You might prefer to workout on your own, get in the zone and just smash it out, especially first thing in the morning when you’re only just waking up and don’t feel like talking…that’s ok, we all get it.

How about on a weekend when you catch up with your friend for brunch…why not do one of these Partner Workout Circuits first? There’s nothing better than doing these exercises with a friend to build up a sweat and have some fun mastering these exercises. There are challenging ones in each circuit – but they’re still appropriate for any level of fitness.

Try each of the 3 circuits over the next month – with the same friend or a different friend each time. It won’t even seem like you’re working out because you’ll be laughing so much.

A huge thanks for Emily of Pulse Fitness Training Lake Illawarra for writing and filming these with me.

Have fun!

Lucy x

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