ANSWERED: Your most burning questions about losing weight

I love getting asked questions, I love talking about Fitness, nutrition, changing your lifestyle, and I’ll help you any way I can. Someone else who is like that is my friend, Emily, who is also a PT specialising in training Women.

We got together and talked about the top 3 reasons why Women come to us for help with losing weight, and keeping it off. We get asked about these 3 topics by our friends, Client’s, people at BBQ’s and parties all the time. Watch our video and hopefully you can benefit from our answers, and start taking action today.

We’ll help you overcome the following:

  1. You don’t know what to eat
  2. You don’t have time to eat healthily and exercise
  3. You don’t know what kind of exercise to be doing

If you need a little more guidance, download my ‘5 rookie weight loss mistakes’ guide or if you’re ready to get started let’s have a chat. Sign up for a free Skype Consultation with me for the Signature Package

Enjoy, Lucy x

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