About me

Welcome to my blog, grab a green smoothie (or a glass of wine) and take a look around.

Hi, I’m Lucy Kirby, a Health & Fitness Blogger (and Personal Trainer), now based in Dublin, Ireland after moving from Sydney, Australia in 2018.

My blog was created for women who want to live a healthier lifestyle. Busy women, career women, mums, women who are lacking confidence and are feeling a little lost, or those who just want some advice on how to feel fabulous. If you don’t know where to start, I can show you. I’ve started many times over and now I have found a healthy lifestyle that suits me, is flexible, makes me feel good and most importantly is sustainably. 

Turning 30

Lucy loves Fitness came about from my own transformation and change of lifestyle as I turned 30, in 2013.

I started a fitness Instagram account in January 2014 to hold myself accountable to make healthier choices and be more active…then it snowballed from there. You can read my full story in the Daily Mail.

During 2014 my life changed completely; I competed in my first Bikini Competition 6 months after joining the gym and I have continued to live the bodybuilding lifestyle ever since. I found my own version of it though, a more flexible approach which is sustainable.

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Speak soon, Lucy x

Turning a goal into a lifestyle